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Have I Been Looking At Things Backwards?

Vaughn Hardacker here: In 2002 I realized that there was more to writing than just sitting down and putting words onto a page. I had to learn the craft. One of the first things I learned was that every story, … Continue reading

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How to read a mystery novel

By Maureen Milliken One of the surprising things I’ve found since my first mystery novel was published last year is that there are people who don’t read mysteries. I guess it shouldn’t surprise me. There are genres I don’t read. But … Continue reading

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Do You Suffer From Postnovel Depression?

Vaughn C. Hardacker here: I just finished the rewrite of a novel and sent it off to my editor. Now I find myself deep in the doldrums of what I call Postnovel Depression. The closest thing I can equate it … Continue reading

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A Look Back

Bruce Robert Coffin checking in. I’m sitting in my attic writing nook reflecting on the past year. What a ride! January 1st, 2015 found me with the usual resolutions, eat better, lose a few pounds, workout more, you know the … Continue reading

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Susan Vaughan here. I don’t generally do resolutions. Whenever I’ve tried, they never work out or I realize I’ve made the wrong ones or I break them before January is over. So usually I just move on into the next … Continue reading

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