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Stop stealing from writers. I’m not going to ask nicely. Just stop.

  If you are getting my books from someone who provides “free” PDFs for a monthly subscription, you’re breaking the law and helping a criminal steal from me. If you’re getting them free online without paying for them, it’s the … Continue reading

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Sick of winter and like mysteries? It’s time to catch the Maine wave

We’ve said it over and over again. In fact, it’s the whole point of this blog — Maine and it’s rich load of mystery writers are a great mix. And April is the coolest month for fans of mysteries, writing, … Continue reading

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Writers: Make audio one of the tools in the marketing chest

It’s no secret that authors these days have to be multi-taskers. No rest for the weary writer once the book is written. Even the authors who have the best publishing deals have to be on social media, know how to … Continue reading

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Want proof a community cares about a library? Take a trip to Augusta, Maine

We’ve written often in this space about libraries and how much we appreciate them — as writers they hold a special place for us. Recently, I was reminded just how much libraries are part of a community as a whole … Continue reading

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It’s summertime in Maine and the readin’ is easy

If it’s summer, it’s reading season! Actually, if you’re like me, any time is reading season. Or, with pesky things like work getting in the way, want-to-read season. But there’s something about summer, especially if you live in Maine, that … Continue reading

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