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What my dogs taught me about writing. Yes, I’m gonna be that gal.

When I first got a dog 15 years ago, I worried that he wouldn’t like me. That tells you how much I knew about dogs. Now that I’m dogless for the first time in 15 years, how much I learned … Continue reading

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Of Cats, Hats, and Headshots

Kaitlyn Dunnett/Kathy Lynn Emerson here, today writing about publicity photos. Like actors, writers pretty much have to have them. If you’re a big, bestselling author, your publisher will send a professional photographer to your house for a photo shoot. The … Continue reading

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A Visit from the Vet

Kaitlyn Dunnett/Kathy Lynn Emerson here. Yes, you read that title correctly—it’s from, not to. In my part of Maine, we have a veterinarian who makes house calls. No more packing three cats (or, once upon a time, four cats and … Continue reading

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Cats, Dogs, and Dastardly Deeds

Kaitlyn Dunnett here, hawking my new Liss MacCrimmon mystery, The Scottie Barked at Midnight, which has been out in hardcover and ebook formats for a whole week and a half now. In some ways, it was a challenge to write … Continue reading

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The Tail of the Cat Burglar

It was a dark and stormy night. Well, actually, it was around four in the morning and sunrise here in Western Maine on the twenty-sixth of June was around four-thirty, but it was raining. Fade In: Our Intrepid Sleuth (henceforth … Continue reading

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