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Leave The Gun. Take The Pizza. Part 1

Pizza and crime: how do I count the ways? Anyone who knows me well knows that I’m seriously obsessed with pizza. My obsession with pizza started at a young age and has only grown in ardor as I’ve gotten older. … Continue reading

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Doughnuts play a central role in my life. I’m not so proud that I can’t admit that there have been nights when I’ve gone to bed excited about the doughnut waiting for me in the morning. Every Saturday morning for … Continue reading

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I Could Use That

Only because it’s happened to me three times in the last week am I moved to address something I’m sure many writers have to deal with, that moment when someone tells you a bit of interesting information or an intriguing … Continue reading

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Maine Crime Writers share what we’re reading

It’s summertime, and that means reading. Even those of us who are in writer’s jail are finding time to pick up a book, and what a wide variety of things we’re reading. Here’s a sample: Kate Flora: I’m reading Michael Lewis’s The … Continue reading

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Beat the Heat

Jessie, in Northern New England  still reeling from the swing in temperature  over the past few days I am not sure about the rest of you but sudden changes in temperature leave me feeling adrift and lethargic. I lose the … Continue reading

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