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A Deep, Dark, Stunningly Atmospheric Work

Note from Kate: A few years ago, I was asked to look at a draft novel and give the author some advice. That author was Drew Yanno and the book was In The Matter of Michael Vogel. I was impressed. Advised. And … Continue reading

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Print vs E, Either-Or or And?

Susan Vaughan here. I posted this a few years ago, and am wondering if there’s still a debate. I bought my Kindle several years ago because it was the only way I could read some authors’ books. But I was quickly … Continue reading

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Community-wide reading

I’ll use this blog post to do a little hometown brag while remaining book-centric. To promote literacy, the love of learning, and a sense of community, the Westbrook school system invites the entire community to read the same book together. … Continue reading

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When do ideas come? Encouraging the Muse

Agatha Christie once famously wrote that she got her best ideas while washing the dishes. I’ve heard other authors swear by long walks or dreams. Me? My muse is shy. She only appears when I’m alone, in a quiet place, doing and thinking … Continue reading

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Fiddling in the Spring

Had a wonderful time at the well-known local showcase for writers in Westbrook known as Books in the Brook last Saturday. Always a pleasure to talk to an audience that comprises more than my wife and the cat. Thanks to … Continue reading

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