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Leave The Gun. Take The Pizza. New York City, Part II

In my last blog, I spoke in detail about pizza, how much I enjoy pizza, and it’s complicated relationship to crime. In this blog, I will discuss six NYC pizza places that I recently visited, as well as some crime … Continue reading

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Introducing Death Warmed Over – A Thea Kozak mystery

Kate Flora: I originally wrote this book more than four years ago, and it has wandered through the world of publishing ever since. After several years of waiting for a publisher to get around to it, I decided to publish it … Continue reading

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Planetary Protection Officer or Global Drinks Ambassador???

Hey all. Happy August to you. During an insanely busy year, book #2 in the Michael McKeon series is finished, in which we meet The Prodigal, the world’s first private nuclear power. I’m very excited about a new book I’m … Continue reading

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Thanking the Mentors

I’m riding the crest of feeling very supported lately by excellent blurbs from good friends and fellow authors (see the kind words here) as I get ready to launch In Solo Time, the prequel to Solo Act, and thinking about … Continue reading

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Summer Soundtrack

By Brenda Buchanan I’ve paid special attention to my senses when writing this summer. Regular readers of this blog might have guessed as much when I wrote in July about summer’s indelible scents. Today I want to talk about the richness of the … Continue reading

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