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A Deep, Dark, Stunningly Atmospheric Work

Note from Kate: A few years ago, I was asked to look at a draft novel and give the author some advice. That author was Drew Yanno and the book was In The Matter of Michael Vogel. I was impressed. Advised. And … Continue reading

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On The Road Again

Kate Flora: I am convinced, of course, that people rarely read what I write here, which gives me license to write nonsense from time to time. Today, having crawled out of the car after eight hours in awful traffic, I’m not … Continue reading

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Seeing Red

Kate Flora: When I was working on my last Joe Burgess, Led Astray, I noticed that I was using the weather, in particular the mysterious qualities of fog, and the discouraging chill and damp of a string of gray Maine … Continue reading

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Another Malden Man Update

Kate Flora again. Forgot, when filling in for Dorothy, that I was supposed to blog today. So, being pressed for time, I am revisiting an earlier post on the life of Malden Man, with some updates on his current behaviors. … Continue reading

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Running Away from January

Kate Flora here, filling in for Dorothy who is nursing a terrible, brain-crushing cold caught from her beloved grandchildren. I used to go crazy in February. Short-tempered, unfocused, chocolate-gobbling crazy. This was before people knew they suffered from SAD, or seasonal … Continue reading

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