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Sights and Sounds of Autumn in Maine

By Brenda Buchanan The turning of the leaves took us by surprise this year. After a long summer spent watering the garden we had modest hopes. Too dry for good color, we thought. Wait ‘til next year. (Yes, Red Sox … Continue reading

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Beta Love

By Brenda Buchanan There comes a time in every writer’s life when she needs to back away from the keyboard and ask for help. For me, this moment comes when I’m so close to my story that I can’t separate … Continue reading

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The Mysterious Elaine

It was a sultry August night in a small Maine town. A lazy breeze barely flirted with the humidity. It was too damn hot to cook. Having showered off the grit and salt accumulated during a hike followed by a swim in the cold Atlantic, … Continue reading

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Some of my favorite things on the Blue Hill Peninsula

By Brenda Buchanan My stop on the MCW summer tour is a place I used to live and where we still vacation – the beautiful Blue Hill Peninsula. If you aren’t quite sure where Blue Hill (no, not Mount Blue) … Continue reading

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Baseball is Life; Life is Baseball

By Brenda Buchanan Baseball is reassuring. It makes me feel as if the world is not going to blow up. Pulitzer prize-winning poet Sharon Olds said that, and she’s right. Especially in this crazy political summer that we all know is … Continue reading

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