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Walking the Winter Beach

by Brenda Buchanan Sunday afternoons lend themselves to rituals. Leisurely drives to who knows where.  Gathering around the table for dinner with family and friends.  Kicking back with the Sunday papers, funnies and all, at least at my house, where we’ve … Continue reading

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Bright Lights! Red Carpet!

By Brenda Buchanan Nine wonderful actors brought the work of five Maine crime writers to life Monday night in front of a nearly-full house at Portland Stage Company. It was an absolute blast, the tonic we all needed on a cold … Continue reading

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A Car is as Telling as a Name

By Brenda Buchanan One of my beta readers jotted an interesting question in the margin of an early draft of my first Joe Gale book. Does the reader really need to know what kind of car Joe drives?  I didn’t even have to … Continue reading

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Dreaming About What’s Next

By Brenda Buchanan I can make stuff up all day long sitting in front of this keyboard, but at night, my dreams are as literal as literal gets. One recent night—hours after finishing a major (but by no means final) revision to the … Continue reading

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Crime Bake Report

Brenda Buchanan here, two days after returning from the ‘Bake, grateful I had the opportunity to spend last weekend hanging out with a bunch of my crime writing pals. For the uninitiated, the ‘Bake is shorthand for the New England Crime Bake, an … Continue reading

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