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About Lea Wait

Maine mystery author Lea Wait writes the Mainely Needlepoint series and the Shadows Antique Print series and historical novels for ages 8 and up set in 19th century Maine. Married to artist Bob Thomas, she loves reading, writing (of course!), speaking to people of all ages about writing, drinking champagne, walking along the coast of Maine, and rowing her small skiff. She invites you to friend her on Facebook and Goodreads.

Those Visitors From Away …

August in Maine! Pardon for making a very large generalization … but August and September are my two favorite months in Maine. Not TOO hot, not TOO cold … not TOO much rain … pretty much, just right. Other people … Continue reading

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Fascination with the Sea

I have always loved the ocean. The boom of crashing waves; the silence of low tide; the rhythms of swells. The smell of salt air and rockweed. The cries of herring gulls and laughing gulls. The changing colors of the … Continue reading

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Loving Our Big Blue Dumpster

There’s a big blue dumpster in my driveway. No, we’re not doing re-doing our kitchen or adding a new room, or even re-doing a room we already have. We’re cleaning up. Now, I want to assure you that my husband and … Continue reading

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How I Smuggled Drugs into Calcutta

Lea Wait, here. And, yes, I did that. Do note: although they were illegal for me to bring with me, the drugs included aspirin, vitamins, medications for scabies and other skin infections, and antibiotics. I also took children’s tape recorders, incubator parts, balloons, hair … Continue reading

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Will Illness Change a Relationship? Yes — and No

Lea Wait, here. On February 1 of last year I wrote on this site about the stroke my husband, Bob Thomas, had suffered the week before. I didn’t mention that we’d also just found out he had other medical issues: congestive heart failure and COPD/Emphysema. And … Continue reading

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