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Joseph Souza is the author of eight works of fiction. He's the winner of the Andre Dubus Award, and received Honorable Mention for The Al Blanchard Award for crime fiction. In 2013 his novel won the Maine Literary Award. He grew up in Boston and worked as an intelligence analyst in the DEA (Organized Crime Unit), a teacher, cabbie, social worker, truck driver, editor, bouncer, barber, wrestling coach, and paralegal on the case that later became the movie A CIVIL ACTION. His new novel THE NEIGHBOR will be published by Kensington in May, 2018.

Leave The Gun. Take The Pizza. New York City, Part II

In my last blog, I spoke in detail about pizza, how much I enjoy pizza, and it’s complicated relationship to crime. In this blog, I will discuss six NYC pizza places that I recently visited, as well as some crime … Continue reading

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Leave The Gun. Take The Pizza. Part 1

Pizza and crime: how do I count the ways? Anyone who knows me well knows that I’m seriously obsessed with pizza. My obsession with pizza started at a young age and has only grown in ardor as I’ve gotten older. … Continue reading

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Is it the Beer Responsible for Maine’s Twisted Criminal Minds?

“Ale, man, ale’s the stuff to drink for fellows whom it hurts to think.” A. E. Houseman I love beer. Good beer, in particular. Malty or hoppy, sour or citrusy, beer occupies a good deal of my thoughts. Craft beer … Continue reading

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