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Stop stealing from writers. I’m not going to ask nicely. Just stop.

  If you are getting my books from someone who provides “free” PDFs for a monthly subscription, you’re breaking the law and helping a criminal steal from me. If you’re getting them free online without paying for them, it’s the … Continue reading

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Green Zen

John Clark on something that you might not think has much to do with writing. Read on and decide for yourself. Remember when you were a kid? Think for a moment about some of the things you were absolutely convinced … Continue reading

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The Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens

by Barb, stuck in Boston because she’s selling her house, but soon to be spending more time in Maine! We hope many of you, both authors and readers, will be coming to visit us soon at Books in Boothbay at … Continue reading

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Exploring Indolence

Kate Flora: When I told my husband Ken that my goal for the summer was to embrace indolence, he responded that he thought that was kind of a negative word. He may be right, and I would welcome suggestions from all … Continue reading

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Maine Crime Writers share what we’re reading

It’s summertime, and that means reading. Even those of us who are in writer’s jail are finding time to pick up a book, and what a wide variety of things we’re reading. Here’s a sample: Kate Flora: I’m reading Michael Lewis’s The … Continue reading

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