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And a Mole on Her Toe, Ho-Ho

Hello again from Sarah Graves, writing to you from Eastport, Maine, where we have survived the Fourth of July and are well into the sweetly peaceful stretch between it and the Pirate Festival. And the Salmon Festival. And we just … Continue reading

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The Tale of the Naturalist’s Log

There are books we love because they move us, maybe even change the way we live our life. Vicki Doudera here. Don’t worry —  I’m not going to talk about The Goldfinch again. (But that post’s available here if you … Continue reading

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You’d Think It Would Get Easier

Earlier this year I posted two blogs on the stages of writing a novel. “The Hardest Part” dealt with finding the right place to begin. “A Cure for the Middle-of-the-Book Blahs” was about some of the problems that crop up … Continue reading

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Trials and Tribulations of an Old Dog

If I was a dog, I would be a nice old one. I know this to be true because as a person, I am a nice old one. As is the case many times, it is very difficult for an … Continue reading

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Thirteen Reasons why Maine is the BEST Place to Live

Recently Maine Crime Writers alum Paul Doiron, building on the theme of this year’s crime writing conference, the Maine Crime Wave, wrote a blog post that got a lot of traction on BuzzFeed about why Maine is the scariest place … Continue reading

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