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Inspiration…and Perspiration

Hi. Barb here. This month I wrote a short story. I won’t give it away, but the central idea of it, the “thing” if you will, is so macabre and weird that people in my writers group asked, “How in … Continue reading

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Maine Literary Awards To Include Awards for Crime and Sci Fi.

Jim Hayman:  Last week Josh Bodwell, the talented and energetic young Executive Director of the Maine Writers and Publishers Alliance, sent out a press release announcing that nominations for MWPA’s 2012 Maine Literary Awards were open and that submissions will … Continue reading

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Forget The Corner Store: Check The Police Blotter!

Lea Wait, reporting. I suspect I’ve watched as many movies and TV shows set in small towns as the next person, and I can’t help noticing that a lot of them have it wrong. Or at least out of date. Almost … Continue reading

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Block That Block

Hi, it’s Sarah Graves coming to you from Football Central, otherwise known as our house in Eastport, Maine. And today when so many blockers will be charging across TV screens, I thought I’d talk about that other kind of block. You … Continue reading

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My Scary Day Job

Vicki here. Last week I was telling a woman about my murder mystery series, and she shivered and asked me how I slept at night after imagining such spooky scenarios. The truth of it is, penning fiction at my comfy … Continue reading

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