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Turning a Blooper into a Bonus

by Kaitlyn Dunnett With the ever-increasing use of personal computers, laptops, and telephones that can send text messages, contact between readers and writers has also increased dramatically. These days, readers can easily find writers’ email addresses and are far more … Continue reading

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The past isn’t always

Gerry here. It was 1980 and I was a cub reporter, new to Somerset County. One of the towns I was assigned  was Madison, north of Skowhegan. It seemed like a folksy sort of place, kind of like Mayberry with … Continue reading

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Guilty Pleasures

Barb here. Last night I attended the concert tour for So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD for those in the know), the Fox network show that is the poorer cousin/summer replacement for American Idol. It’s the 6th time I’ve … Continue reading

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Try to Remember the Kind of September by Julia Spencer-Fleming

  I have a confession to make. September is not one of my favorite months. I feel like an iconoclast writing that. After all, everyone likes September, right? The new notebooks and the smell of sharpened pencils? Shopping for school … Continue reading

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How Long Did It Take to Write?

Paul Doiron here — When you do a series of readings, you find that you get asked the same questions over and over. For me, the most common question is, “How long did it take you to write the novel?” … Continue reading

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